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  • 📢 Newsletter - The Go! Project: Shaping the Future of Wellness and Universal Basic Services

📢 Newsletter - The Go! Project: Shaping the Future of Wellness and Universal Basic Services

🚀 Introducing The Go! Project 🌟

Dear Go! Community,

We're excited to share the latest updates about The Go! Project and how we're shaping the future of wellness and Universal Basic Services - a mission that unifies and empowers.

Who We Are:

The Go! Project is dedicated to delivering Universal Basic Services via on-chain impact assets and AI games. Our two-pronged approach involves Health Hero and Go! Labs, designed for enterprises and consumers, respectively. We connect these through SmartChain, our Layer 1 zkEVM Blockchain OS, set to launch on the mainnet in 30 weeks.
In a time where the values of assets and services have evolved in society, we focus on redefining well-being and making UBS accessible to over 4 billion people worldwide. The UBS market size is estimated at over $8 trillion.

A Dual Approach:

🏥 Health Hero (Enterprise): Health Hero, our enterprise arm, focuses on AI-driven employee wellness. It offers personalized wellness insights, health tracking, and data-driven recommendations, impacting millions in the corporate world. | Learn more

⭐️ Go! (Consumer): Complementing Health Hero, Go! is an AI-powered personal & planetary health game journey. Meet Leo and Lysa, our impact-focused AI game guides, and embark on a path of health, rewards, and personal growth, touching the lives of millions worldwide. | Learn more

The Unifying Goal:

The Go! Project unifies these initiatives with the vision of Universal Basic Services. Our aim is to empower every individual to thrive and potentially impact billions of lives by ensuring essential services like healthcare, wellness, and education are accessible to all.

How Health Hero and Go! Work Together:

In the upcoming weeks, you'll see our new branding across the board. Our commitment to our community, challenges, and competitions remains unwavering. The wellness adventure is only getting more exciting! Stay updated via our Discord and Telegram communities, and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Join the Conversation:

The Go! Project's mission is to redefine well-being and make Universal Basic Services a reality for all. Together, Health Hero and Go! are shaping the future of services for humanity. Join the conversation and connect with our thriving community to make personal and planetary health a collective adventure.

Go! Game Updates

🎮️ Updated Gameplay Explained:

  • Create Your Account: Start your wellness journey by creating your account at https://chat.goplatform.io 

  • Connect Your Wallet: To unlock the Bronze Guild and receive earnings, connect your wallet.

  • Connect Your Health App: Link your favorite step tracker or health app to unlock the Bronze Guild right away.

  • Select Your Character: Choose Leo or Lysa to guide you on your wellness adventure.

  • Complete Quests: Earn badges and progress through quests to enhance your profile.

  • Use Your Tokens: Utilize $GoXP, Badges, Loot, and Gems to level up and unlock universal health benefits.

  • 🚀 Community Goals: Stay tuned for exciting community goals. When we hit 350K community members and level 3 or above, you'll earn 2x (double) $GoXP.

A summary on badges, loot, and gems

  • 🛡️ Badges: Complete quests and earn badges as recognition for your dedication to wellness. These badges may contain gems or loot, opening up more exciting opportunities for you.

  • 👑 Go! Loot: Discover in-game items to unlock loyalty guilds (bronze / silver / gold) and access benefits. You can find loot attached to your badges, and there's the option to purchase loot.

  • 💍 Gems: Find or purchase gems, offering in-game utility. Like loot, they can be found on badges and will be available for purchase soon.

Learn more in our whitepaper at https://whitepaper.goplatform.io 

The Loyalty Program (Guilds: Bronze, Silver, Gold)

🌟 Loyalty Guilds: Unlock bronze, silver, and gold guilds to access exclusive rewards and health benefits. Stake tokens, subscribe, or reach higher levels to qualify.

Our Go!Bots

🤖 Go!Bots: Be part of the Go! club with these unique NFTs. Own a Go!Bot to unlock rewards, withdraw $HLTHY, and own a digital collectible with demand.

👉️ Take Action Today

Start your Go! journey today visiting https://chat.goplatform.io. Create your account. and connecting your wallet and favorite step or health app will unlock for you the first Bronze Guild!
So head to our app and start earning while creating an impact in your own health and those around the world! 🌍️ https://chat.goplatform.io

🦸 Refer a Friend

Want to spread the wellness love and earn rewards while you’re at it? Our “Refer a Friend” program is the way to go! It’s simple — just head over to our app at chat.goplatform.io, and you’ll find your unique referral link on your dashboard. Share this link with your friends, family, or anyone who wants to embark on a wellness journey with Go!
When your friends sign up using your referral link, you not only introduce them to a world of wellness but also earn exciting rewards. It’s a win-win for everyone — you, your friends, and the planet. So, start sharing, caring, and earning today!

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Are you loving our newsletter and think your friends will too? Well, we’ve got some great news for you! You can now earn 1,000 $GoXP for each friend who joins our newsletter through your referral. It’s super easy — just share this fantastic newsletter with your friends and encourage them to sign up using this link: https://pages.viral-loops.com/go-newsletter

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