Hearts, Stars, Trees, and Referrals Extravaganza! 🚀

Hearts, Stars, Trees, and Referrals Extravaganza! 🚀

🌟Greetings, Go! Community! 🚀

⭐ In this newsletter, explore how these vibrant symbols will add a touch of magic to your Go! experience, offering exciting bonuses and fostering a holistic approach to growth. Join us on this journey of well-being and discover the unlimited possibilities that lie ahead! 

🌟 Exciting News: Hearts and Stars System Unveiled! 🚀

Hey there, Go! Getters! We’re thrilled to introduce an exciting enhancement to your experience on Go!. We believe in creating a system that feels natural and rewarding, so let’s dive into our new Hearts and Stars system to celebrate daily engagement. Get ready for some heartwarming and star-studded fun! ❤️⭐

Visit https://chat.goplatform.io to get started!


Sync at least 2,500 steps daily to earn 1 heart. Maintain a streak for 3 days, syncing at least 2,500 steps each day, to secure a set of 3 hearts. Missing a day means losing a heart. Keep the streak alive for 3 days straight to unlock a 25 $GoXP bonus, receivable every 3 days with full hearts. Earn a maximum of 3 Hearts per day, tracked with a simple counter (e.g., 1/3, 2/3, 3/3). Remember, hearts are precious — with a maximum of 3, so be mindful not to lose them! ❤️


Logging in daily grants you 1 star, lighting up the sky in the app. Reach a 5-day streak to obtain a dazzling set of 5 stars. Maintaining this brilliance for 5 consecutive days unlocks a 50 $GoXP bonus, available every 5 days with full stars. Stars are treasures — with a maximum of 5, be cautious not to lose them! (Earn a 25 $GoXP streak bonus for a 5-day streak!)⭐

Quality over Quantity

At Go! Platform, we value meaningful engagement over sheer numbers. Our advanced AI algorithms assess the depth of your interactions, ensuring your experience is rich and rewarding, no matter how often you participate.

Multi-Faceted Goals

Earning Hearts will involve a variety of activities, including personal health, community engagement, and sustainability practices. It’s all about holistic growth — mind, body, and community.

Ready to roll out with our new Hearts and Stars system? Let’s embark on this engaging journey together! 💪🚀

Using the Go! app is very simple.

  1. Create your account: https://chat.goplatform.io 

  2. Connect your wallet: (to receive your earnings 💰 and also is one of the things you can do to unlock the Bronze Guild)

  3. Connect your favorite step tracker or health app: (this is the second step to unlock the Bronze Guild right away!)

  4. Select your character: Leo or Lysa

  5. Start completing quests, logging in every day, and syncing steps: You will be on your way to earning badges, loot, $GoXP, and more! 🏆👣

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🦸 Refer a Friend

Want to spread the wellness love and earn rewards while you’re at it? Our “Refer a Friend” program is the way to go! It’s simple — just head over to our app at chat.goplatform.io, and you’ll find your unique referral link on your dashboard. Share this link with your friends, family, or anyone who wants to embark on a wellness journey with Go!

When your friends sign up using your referral link, you not only introduce them to a world of wellness but also earn exciting rewards. It’s a win-win for everyone — you, your friends, and the planet. So, start sharing, caring, and earning today!

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